Livorno in Danza is a collage of events. You can choose what you prefer among competitions, festivals and workshops.

Livorno in Danza became one of the leading dance events at the international level, recording each year more than 800 dancers from all over the world, who meet to perform and show their technique and know each other in a climate of absolute internationality. Among the prizes awarded, in addition to the money, there are prestigious scholarships in some of the most important centers of the world, where in addition to a high level of professional training, the most talented dancers can also find job opportunities. Moreover, in the three days before the event and in three successive, we plan international classes with the participation of dancers from many countries, who have thus able to meet and study together, in an atmosphere of extraordinary energy and passion for dance. All inclusive packages for 5, 6 and 7 days are available. You can take advantage of this opportunity to visit Tuscany, our beautiful region with its famous city of history and art like Pisa, Florence and others. Livorno is 20 km from Pisa International Airport, where low cost flights of Ryanair, Easyjet and other companies arrive from the main UE airports. Participate in Livorno in Danza is fun and easy ... so ... LET'S DANCE, LET'S MEET THE WORLD !!!


Competition of Ballet and Modern-Contemporary

Soloists, Duos and Trios, Groups. Baby 8-11 y.o., Under 12-13 y.o., Junior 14-15 y.o., Senior 16 y.o. and over

This section is the soul of the competition. The jury will assign money prizes, trophies, special prizes for talent and scholarships in big bodies, academies and centers in Italy and abroad. 

TEATRO GOLDONI - The "Baby" and "Children" sections will be entirely on Saturday 14h00-21h00, with award ceremony. Under, Junior and Senior Categories will perform on Sunday 10h00 to 17h00, then Finalists Gala.

(for exceptional need, some of those categories could be moved on saturday. In this case, competitors will be informed 3 weeks earlier) 





Competition of "Choreographic Composition"

For groups of Dance Schools

Independent section, entirely voted to recognize the research and new ideas in choreography. It's a real carpet for the choreographers in all styles (Ballet, Contemporary, Urban or other). Choose it if the purpose of your piece is mainly to represent a concept/situation (a story, a chronicle or other). If your piece is mainly technical, the appropriate category is "Groups" in Ballet or Contemporary/Modern-Dance. 

TEATRO GOLDONI - Saturday 14h00 - 21h00, with final award ceremony





1 vs 1 improvisation contemporary challenge

Reserved for those who are already enrolled in the competition, in any category

Reserved for those who are already enrolled in the competition, we offer the opportunity to try out the "1vs1 challenge" of improvisation in contemporary style. 2 age categories: Children 8-13 years, Senior 14+ years. Each challenge will last 1 minute and for each of them the theme and the music will be drawn. The judgment will be expressed at the time by the jury, sitting on the stage.
TEATRO GOLDONI - Saturday from 14.00 to 21.00, with final prize-giving



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